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We're building the productivity tool of the future;
for teams and individuals alike.

We're building the
future of to-do's.

Build for teams,
made for people

Being productive is not the essence of why we work hard. The level of productivity is a proxy to something else, something we all long for. As humans, we give our 100% to get recognition, to feel a true sense of accomplishment, or to be proud of our achievements. Yet many tools focus on showing you an endless list of things you didn’t do - instead of letting you celebrate your triumphs.
At Superlist, we take a different stance. We want to help you be productive, so you can end your day feeling happy and proud. Since productivity is a feeling, we design Superlist to make it a positive one

Focus on you

You are unique, and so is the way your brain takes in and processes information. Superlist embraces your uniqueness with a structure that allows you to slice and dice your tasks and lists any way you want. Your colleagues, in turn, can organize their data in a way that feels most intuitive to them.

Private by design

The things you want to accomplish are personal. You need a tool that keeps your thoughts and ideas private - until you decide to share them with others. That’s why we are private by design, putting you in control of what is shared and not limiting the people you can share with.

Highly collaborative

Once you feel ready to work with others, you need immediate access to the full power of a modern productivity tool. Chat, voice, video, data; synchronous or asynchronous. Superlist offers endless options to solve challenges together. And it ensures the results of your work are collected and stored in one place.

Work smarter, your way

We all have routines. We have different tools we use for work, to communicate, and to schedule meetings. Superlist is designed to build on and integrate with those existing tools. We will enhance your routines rather than asking you to change them. We’re always at hand, but never in your way.


  • Brandon Arnold
  • Marcel Käding
  • Steffen Kiedel
  • Ben Kubota
  • Christian Reber


  • Brandon has spent his career working for some of the worlds most well-known product design agencies. Most recently as a Design Director for Metalab Brandon led teams helping dozens of startups build products for everything from fully autonomous bao restaurants to luxury healthcare diagnostics and everything in between.
  • Marcel was one of the first employees at Wunderlist and joined Microsoft with the acquisition in 2015. As a program manager at Microsoft he was leading globally distributed teams on product development and customer engagements projects.
  • Steffen joined Wunderlist as CFO shortly after the company's incorporation. He helped Christian grow and eventually sell the business to Microsoft. Following the acquisition, he became one of the managing directors at Eyeo, the company behind the popular AdBlock Plus browser extension which serves more than 150M users.
  • Ben is a serial entrepreneur with multiple exits in Germany and the U.S. Among others, he started the largest open-source, open-data movie database( and the largest German entertainment website, Moviepilot.

    He has always worked at the intersection of product and technology, often in a CTO/CPO hybrid role, with intense attention to detail.
  • Christian founded Wunderlist in 2010 together with a group of friends, and was CEO of the company until Microsoft acquired it in 2015.

    Since then, he invested in various other startups and founded Pitch, a next-generation presentation software that helps individuals create beautiful presentations with very little effort.

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  • As Wunderlist shuts down,
    its founder announces a new
    productivity app called Superlist

  • Wunderlist founder
    announces a new productivity
    app called Superlist

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  • • Remote-first company setup
  • • Competitive compensation / equity package
  • • Healthy work-life balance
  • • Parent-friendly company culture
  • • Educational stipend
  • • 30-days vacation
  • • Top-of-the-line equipment
  • • Experienced, distributed, and diverse team